Frequently Asked Questions


The booking system can be cumbersome... Do you have a master calendar of classes scheduled?

We do! You can CLICK HERE to find it!

Do you sell silver?

Yes, in limited quantities at this time, you can call the studio to check and see if we have what you are looking for, or we can help you place a larger order through Rio Grande.

Do you sell stones?

Yes! We have some local artists that cut unique cabochons that we sell in the studio and turquoise from our favorite Arizona connection. We also have our own little rock show 3 times a year, (the day before the Gem Faire in Utah), at the studio.

Do you sell tools?

Yes! Our supply is growing all the time! We try to keep our website up to date with what we have in the studio, and you can come by or order online. We are happy to ship anywhere for an extra charge.

Do you repair jewelry?

No, we don’t repair jewelry here at the studio, but we recommend Danny's Jewelry or 9th & 9th Jewelers in Salt Lake City. In Austin, we recommend Throckmorton's Jewelry repair service.

Do you buy old silver / gold / stones?

We do not. The State requires certain permits, and we are not set up for that. We recommend trying jewelry stores or pawn shops that buy stuff.

Do you resize rings?

If you made the ring in one of our classes, we can only resize the ring up ½-1 size LARGER, but we cannot resize rings smaller. To make your ring smaller, you would need to take it to a jeweler that laser welds. WE DO NOT RESIZE RINGS MADE OUTSIDE OF BGJS.

I cannot make the class I booked. Can I reschedule or cancel it?

If you need to cancel or reschedule a class, our CANCELLATION POLICY depends on the time until the scheduled class:

Up to a week, a refund will be issued minus a $15 cancellation fee.

Within 7 days, a credit will be given to attend a future class minus a $15 cancellation fee. Class credit must be used to enroll in a class within a 60 day period after cancellation, or it will be forfeited.

Within 48 hours, no refund or credit is given.

Your tuition will be returned in full if BGJS needs to cancel the class. We have a two person minimum for many of our classes, so grab a friend to take it with you!

*Due to COVID-19, classes may need to be cancelled/rescheduled as the situation evolves.

For more information please send an email to

How many classes do I need to take before I can do Studio Time?

We recommend at least 15 hours of class time to learn the tips and tricks needed to be successful at jewelry making. We've discovered you either spend the money burning up your silver, or you spend it learning good skills! We would say 15 hours would be the minimum because you realize you don't know as much as you'd like as you learn more.

How much does Studio Time cost?

The metalsmithing studio access is $15 Per hour if you pay as you go, or a 10-hour pass is $140. The lapidary studio rental is $25 an hour. We have a studio rental waiver you will be required to sign in the studio. Consumables are not included with studio time. Please text the studio to make sure there is a bench available or room at the rock machines. We also have studio memberships, you can find more details here.

 I am a beginner, which class do you suggest I start with?

We say start with what you're drawn to! Unless the class says it's intermediate, advanced, or requires previous experience, you can take what you'd like.

Do I need previous metalsmithing experience before taking a class?

Most of our classes require no previous experience in metalsmithing unless it says otherwise in the class description. However, we do have some intermediate classes and workshops that do require some experience. This is especially true for visiting instructor workshops. Please read each class description carefully before registering for a class to determine if it is the right class for you.

I have old jewelry I want to melt down and make into something new, can I do that?

It depends. There's a lot of fake jewelry out there, and if it's not marked silver or gold, then we can't use it. If you would like to melt something down, we recommend taking the Casting Class.

Can I bring my own stones to use in my jewelry class?

You may bring your own stones if they are flat bottom cabochons, and the instructor teaching the class is comfortable having you use your stone. You are responsible for your stone's care and setting; however, BGJS and its instructors are not liable for your stone accidentally breaking during class.

Do you do private parties?

We do! One instructor can teach up to 5 people, and two instructors can teach up to 10, three instructors for 14 students. Classes range from 2 to 3 hours, depending on the technique you would like to learn. If you would like to get a class on the schedule, please email us at to make arrangements with the right instructors. You are welcome to bring food and beverages for your party.

Do you teach Goldsmithing or use gold in any of your classes?

We don’t teach using gold in SLC - However, if you’d like, you can take a private class with one of our instructors, and they can guide you on how to use gold. It helps to take a class using silver first to get the basic soldering skills without the hefty price tag. If you want to use gold, it needs to be pre-ordered and paid for before the class. In Austin, we have a Goldsmithing class on the schedule regularly!

I don’t see a class listed on your website that I have seen you teach before. Will you be teaching it again?

We are always adding new and previously taught classes to our website. If you don’t see it currently being offered, check back! It’s probably just not on the schedule yet. We also recommend signing up for our newsletter to get notifications on upcoming classes or following us on Instagram.

I want to get someone a gift certificate but don't want your system to email it to them, what do I do?

You can put in your own email for both the to and from fields, and then you can print it out and give it to them in person or forward the email to them later.

I received a gift certificate for your studio. How do I redeem it and what can I use it for?


TO PURCHASE TOOLS: There will be an ID code on your gift certificate that you will enter into the system when checking out.

If it is for a dollar amount, it can be used for any classes or tools, and if it was purchased for a specific class, it would need to be redeemed for that class unless you contact the school to have it converted to a dollar amount or different class.

Can kids take your classes and what is the minimum age?

We are happy to have kids in the studio, they are very creative! 8 to 12 years old do need parental supervision and help with some of the tools 13 and over can create independently. We offer a kids camp at both locations every summer!

I want to start making jewelry at home. What supplies/tools do I need?

We sell almost everything you need to get started at home. However, you may want to take multiple classes to get an idea of what you need for the specific things you want to create. We occasionally offer a silver supply ordering class, which may be helpful, and we sell basic tool kits that will help you get off to a good start and more specialized tools when you are ready.

How much does the Jewelry Business Certification Program cost?

Email us at for more information on the program and the tuition, and we will get the details over to you! You can find more details here.

Can I make my wedding ring at your studio?

Yes, if it is not like fine jewelry, you see more traditionally. We cater to the more artistic, unique crowd. The most popular class for this is the casting class, or you can take the metalsmithing or inlay class if you just want a basic silver band. We can use gold in the casting class, but it must be ordered and paid for before the class starts. If you have an old ring you want to meltdown, they must be marked gold, and we use half old, half new so that it is a quality casting. We have a Wedding Ring Ideas Pinterest board you can check out for more ideas along the lines of what we can help you create.

Some of your workshops are expensive. Can I make multiple payments?

Yes! Full payment is required before the class starts, but we are happy to except payments through Venmo or in person, leading up to the class.

I’d like to make a very specific jewelry project but I don’t see any class that would help me. What can I do?

We offer Private 1-on-1 classes and should be able to match you with the right instructor for your project. Email us at for more information.

I wanted to sign up for a class tomorrow but don't see it on the schedule anymore, what happened?

Classes typically close 18 to 24 hours before the class so the instructors can be informed and prepared for their class. Or, if the enrollment was too low, the class may have been canceled. We encourage you to sign up a few days in advance to make sure you get in! You can text us during normal business hours to request a spot in the class, and if there is a spot available, we'd be happy to add you and send you an invoice to pay online.