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Beading Tool set-12 Piece

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The world’s hardest beading tools are superbly finished in the cone.

The beading tool can be utilized to form beads or mini prongs which then serve to set gemstones or provide texture and detail to designs. This set of 12 sizes includes a variety of great stone beading tools that are nicely finished in the cone which translates to a smoother surface on your work piece. Great for doing pave and bead set gemstone and diamond jewelry. They also work well for making adjustments to loose stones. With the excellent handle design, and high quality extra hard tools, you will never bother with another metal beading set again. The sizes included are #2-16 even sizes only. Set includes hardwood handle and storage stand with see thru lid to keep your tools organized and easily accessible.

Dimensions: diameter 2.6 x 60mm. Sets include hardwood handle and storage stand with see-thru lid.