Eco Jewelry Handbook

Eco Jewelry Handbook

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This book, by author Christine Dhein is a resource for jewelers who are concerned about having a safe workplace where jewelry can be created in an eco-friendly way. Written specifically for small studios and school environments, the book is laid out in a summary format, looking at different chemicals and processes that are part of the jewelry-making environment, and the ecological impact of each one. Information and comparisons are shared to assist jewelers in making better choices when selecting potentially dangerous materials that are needed for their particular craft. Ms. Dhein encourages both awareness of materials, and the use of common sense for a healthier, safer jewelry-making studio.

The book is in three main parts:
• Part 1 - Health & Safety
–hazardous materials
–ergonomics & injury prevention
• Part 2 - Bench Practices
–conserving resources
–running an efficient shop
–capturing & reclaiming metals
• Part 3 - Materials Sourcing
–sourcing gemstones
–third-party certifications

Christine Dhein is a jeweler, author and educator who developed a curriculum for the very first "green"-minded jewelry class, taught in 2008 at the Revere Academy of Jewelry Arts. She has taught, as well as lectured internationally about "green" jewelry-making practices. Additionally, she has written articles about environmentally friendly jewelry studio practices; she is the founder of the newsletter Green Jewelry News.


  • Year : 2018
  • Author/host : Christine Dhein
  • Binding style : Soft-bound
  • Page count : 150 pages
  • Publisher : Brynmorgen Press
  • Country of origin : China
  • Media : Book
  • Subject : Environmentally Friendly Jewelry Making