Foredom hammer handpiece H.15

Foredom hammer handpiece H.15

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The Foredom H15 handpiece is unlike the rest of the range in that it does not rotate. This special handpiece “reciprocates” The tip moves in and out 1/ 32” creating a hammering action. For use with the TX or SR pendant motors. The speed is controlled via the foot pedal or the popular Foredom desktop speed controller. The force can also be adjusted by a knurled ring around the handpiece. The hammer action handpiece is designed to operate at a low speed.

Perfect for an effortless setting. Grains and claws can be pushed into position with precise control. It comes complete with a fine anvil point. All the tips are attached by screw thread directly into the end for easy swapping.

Pro-tip. This handpiece can also be used with the Lion Punch Forge Graver Adapter (which we also carry), transforming your Foredom pendant motor into a powered graver.

This model comes with the Key Tip “snap-on” type attachment for quick and easy changing between the hammer handpiece and rotary ones. No modifications are needed. 

Handpiece has reciprocating action and is used at low speed by jewelers for setting and decorative work.

  • Hammering rather than rotary action
  • For use at low speed (0-5,000 rpm) 
  • Great for stone setting and decorative work.
  • Includes anvil point. It requires periodic lubrication.
Hammer has 1/32″ stroke and its impact can be adjusted from light to heavy by turning the silver knurled adjusting ring.